As acoustic design has become essential to great spaces, new acoustic design elements are coming to the fore. Panel made from PET plastic (Polyethylene Terephalate or recycled plastic water and soda bottles) has leapt into the spotlight as a ‘go-to’ material that absorbs sound while offering a new palette for both visual and acoustic design.

Offering a wide range of solutions including panels, systems, tiles, partitions, and wallcoverings, PET acoustic panel products create versatile options that meet the needs of various spaces within commercial and residential settings—cover everything but the floor.

100% by needle punching processing and high(hot)-pressure procedure, the production process is completely physical & eco-friendly, no wastewater, emissions, waste no adhesive. It produces no harmful substances when compared to fiber glass wool insulation or mineral rock wool insulation.

The PET acoustic panels in nature which makes it ideally suitable for acoustic treatment, sound absorption, heat and thermal insulation. These PET acoustic panels can be applied for both wall paneling and false ceiling. Thus, helping in achieving an N.R.C 0.61 to 1.01 (1250 ~ 5000HZ), PET acoustic panel comprises of flame retardant fibers and is an eco-friendly product.